Choosing Right Limestone Paver For Your Home

Limestone paver is a right choice if you want your home to have a timeless elegant appeal. It is a durable natural stone that can withstand the harsh test of time. Just look at the pyramid of Egypt and Lincoln Memorial, those two famous structures are made of limestone and they have been around for hundreds of years. If you are considering material for your outdoor landscape, limestone paving is your best choice.

Aside from being durable, limestone is a beautiful stone. Unlike other natural stone that comes with a limited assortment of colors, limestone paver comes in various colors and shades. Most likely, there is a limestone color available that would suit your need and taste. It comes in wide variety of pastel shades, from grays to tans to various shades of blue. You can also have it in black. There are also different shades of browns and yellows due to its high iron oxide contents. Because it comes in so many colors and shade, each limestone paver is unique.

Here are some variety of limestone colors and shades commonly available in the market.

  • Black, charcoal black
  • White, beige, cream, pewter
  • Gold, sandy, straw
  • Orange, copper, rusty, peach, terracotta
  • Brown, light brown, tan, cinnamon, coffee
  • Red, burgundy, raspberry, plum
  • Pink, rose, pastel pink
  • Different shades of gray (not all 50 shades though)
  • Blue-gray (commonly known as Blue Kota)

When choosing a right color of limestone paver to beautify your home, I recommend that you look at the actual sample rather than just looking at the digital image in the computer because the digital image is not always 100% accurate. Using limestone in your home is ideal if you want to have a rustic and natural ambiance.

For those who are not familiar with limestone, they are quite different from granite or processed tiles. Since they natural stone, the variance in color is not the same as the next. Each piece of the paver will probably have different shades and have different streaking, veining, and speckling from the rest of the pieces. If you are aiming for a natural look, then limestone paver will be your best pick.


Spring and Summer Energy Saving Tips

Spring and summer is probably the most fun season. It is the time of the year where you can go out and stroll in the park or hangout in the beaches. It is supposed to be the time where we are usually out of our homes and having fun outside, but it seems that it is not the case. According to the date gathered by Energy Information Administration, electricity prices seem to rise during the summer, and then fall during the winter. The reason for that is pretty simple actually. The demand for electricity during spring and summer increases due thousands of air conditioners used during spring and summer.

Here are some practical tips to reduce your energy consumption during spring and summer.

  1. Use ceiling fans and natural air to cool your house.

It is usual that we turn on our air conditioner right away when the temperature inside our home rises. However, this is not always needed especially during spring. Before you turn on your air conditioner, open the windows and turn on your ceiling fans. By doing this, you are sending hot air outside and bringing in cool air inside.  This simple action can keep you home cool without using too much energy.

  1. Use the programmable thermostat.

Using your thermostat efficiently can effectively reduce your energy consumption. Most of best air conditioning in Perth now have programmable thermostat. You can actually save about 10% in your cooling and heating cost every year by simply setting a programmable thermostat. If you are still using a manual thermostat, this spring is the time you should get one.

  1. Replace incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient light bulbs.

Incandescent bulbs are energy monsters, they can consume 5 to 10 times than the LED light bulbs. According to Department of Energy, replacing 5 commonly used incandescent bulbs to more energy-efficient lights such as LED can save you up to $100 each year. The price of incandescent bulbs maybe lower than the LED but it can compensate by lowering your monthly energy costs.

  1. Have you air conditioner checked.

Before the heat of the summer is in full-blast, have your air conditioner checked by air conditioning services in Perth. It is important that your air conditioner is in best condition when the summertime comes where its service is needed almost 24/7. A well-maintained air conditioner works more efficiently, thus consumes less energy.

  1. Lower Water Heating Costs

The 18% of the energy you consume is from your water heater. To save energy, turn your water heater to 120 F or warm setting. This will not only lessen your energy consumption, it can also save your skin from getting scalded.


When Should You Go To A Chiropractor?

Eighty percent (80%) of population all over the world suffers from vertebrogenic disorders at one point in the life. The vertebrogenic disorders are conditions of the body that usually caused spinal faults. People who have vertebrogenic disorders often feel pain and discomfort in the back, neck, and hips. The manifestation of vertebrogenic disorders often includes migraine, tension headaches, dizziness, pain the arms and shoulders, neuralgia, pain the abdomen and chest, sciatica or pain in the legs, hips, and knees and legs, disc disorders, problems with menstrual cycles for women and digestive disorders. Some of these conditions don’t seem to be related to spine and nerve, but all parts of our body can be directly or indirectly affected when we have spinal disorders.

When should go to chiropractor?

Your need to see a chiropractor basically starts at pregnancy. Pregnant women need to have their body working at 100% to ensure the development of the baby is not hindered. For adults, here are some indicators that you need to see chiropractors in Samson:

  1. Are you experiencing lower back pain?
  2. Do you have tension headaches that keep on recurring or never seem to go away?
  3. Did you suffer injury from a car accident or at work and are having trouble dealing with the pain?
  4. Are you experiencing shooting pains and stiff joints after playing an active sport?
  5. Are you pregnant and experiencing back pains?
  6. Are a senior and have problem with muscle and joint pains that won’t go away?
  7. Are you concerned with your overall health?

If you answered yes to any of the aforementioned questions, then it is time you should visit a chiropractor in Samson.

Pain is your body’s natural way of telling you that “something is wrong:” Pain actually is the result of your body dealing with tissue breakdown or damage, infection and poisons. Chiropractic in Samson can help in alleviating pain and maintain your overall health by enhancing the body’s ability deal with injuries and resist disease.

Tips in Laying Limestone Retaining Wall

Using limestone for retaining wall does not serve as a fort for the sloping soil in your property but it also adds aesthetic appeal to your outdoor landscape. To get the full advantage of the functionality and beauty of a limestone it should be laid properly. Laying limestone retaining walls in Perth is not as easy as you thought it could be. It requires skills, knowledge and, of course brawn to do the task properly. However, if you think you have the skill to build the limestone retaining wall on your own, let me help you with these tips.

Consider the soil.

Before you start building your limestone retaining wall, you must check the type of soil you have. In building a limestone retaining wall you have to ensure that it has a proper foundation since there are areas in Perth locality that have loose soil which is not suitable to lay retaining wall without strong foundation. If you are not sure of the soil in your property it is advisable to have it checked by a local soil engineer to make sure if it can hold up the weight of a limestone retaining wall.

Seek approval from local council, if necessary.

Every shire in Perth has different building regulations. In most cases, limestone walls in Perth that are not above 500 mm do not need approval from local council. However, retaining that has a height above 500 mm must seek approval from the local council. If you don’t like dealing with bureaucracy make sure that your retaining wall does not exceed to prescribe retaining wall height.

Level the soil.

If you are sure that the soil in your property is suitable for building limestone walls, the next step would be the digging of a trench where you will be laying the foundation. You may use a spirit level to make sure the soil is well-levelled.

Make sure that the first level of blocks is inside the trench.

Ideally, the first level of limestone block must be placed on the trench, below the ground level. This way you can ensure that your retaining wall has a good foundation.

Ensure that there is proper irrigation.

It is important that you should direct the water away from the wall or avoid the water from clogging the in wall area. This can be done by installing a proper irrigation such as drainage blankets and drainpipes. You can also install weep holes to allow the water flow through the wall. Installing proper irrigation will ensure that pressure from water does not end up damaging your retaining wall.

How To Protect Your Caravan Against Water Damage

Unlocking your caravan after several months on storage only to be met with a musty smell of dampness and black spots of mildew spreading everywhere, this scenario is one of the dreaded nightmares of every home owner. Working in Mandurah caravan repair centre for many years, one thing I see most often is the rotten timber frames on caravans and mobile homes. Those pesky mold and mildews can be a serious problem, too if left untreated for long.  Damage caused by water can be very expensive to repair and would require longer time to fix.

Here’s some tip on how to protect your caravan against water damage:

  1. Check for water ingress.

The common cause of rot in the caravan frame is the leak in roof either through the corner moulds or through the roof sealer. Sometimes water ingress would come from window leaks, poorly fitted plumbing system and satellite system, air conditioner, solar and traffic lights. Not all leaks can be detected immediately. There are leaks than can occur without being detected. As a caravan owner you have to be observant of any markings that would suggest leak or water ingress. If you suspect that your caravan has water ingress in the floor or any of its panels, it is advised to consult a professional.

  1. Clean and vacuum the caravan interior regularly.

Make sure that your caravan is clean and dry before you lockup and cover for storage. Keeping your caravan clean and dry the best way to keep your caravan damp, mould and mildew free.

  1. Make sure that all accessories are fitted correctly.

Next to roof leakage, leakage from poorly fitted accessories such solar panel, satellite system and such are common cause of water damage. It is important to make sure that all accessories if fitted to perfection to avoid leakage.

  1. Cover your caravan when not in use.

Mandurah caravan servicing suggest that you should cover your caravan if it is not in use.  Putting your caravan under cover will protect it from harsh elements. It can also protect your caravan from leaks, as well as protect the roof seal from deteriorating quickly. If you don’t have a carport or shed to house your caravan, you use a standard caravan cover to keep protected from harsh sun, rain, storm or snow.



Who Needs Chiropractic Care?

Our body is the most amazing machine. Every day our body performs numerous functions that no machine ever invented can perform. We speak an average of 48,000 words, our heart beats around 103,000 times, our blood travels 16,800 miles, we move 750 major muscles and those are just few of the functions our body perform every single day. Just like all kinds of machinery, needs to be tuned-up to keep it running smoothly. The chiropractic care can help you ensure that your spine which protects our body central nervous system is getting care it needed.

Chiropractic medicine is an alternative form of health care that is mostly deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the musculoskeletal system, most specifically the spine. Chiropractic do not perform surgery or use drugs but rather does spinal adjustment that corrects the misalignment allowing the normal nerves transmission to make your body heal quickly on its own.

Who needs chiropractic care?

Most people think that chiropractic care is only applicable for patient with bad backs. That is wrong perception about chiropractic. Anybody who wants to have a healthy body needs chiropractic care. Our spine is responsible for many body functions such as movement, support, protection and control. Our spine is responsible for our body movement and any changes in the structure or function of the spine may have adverse effect to movement.

Spine is also responsible for the supporting our head. The spine is also responsible for protecting our central nervous system which controls the function of every single cell, tissue and organ in our body. Having healthy spine is very crucial in having a healthy body. A problem in spine may cause serious ailment if not treated accordingly.

Chiropractor Hilton can help locating vertebral subluxations or misalignments in the vertebrae. The vertebral subluxations can cause several other ailments as it affects the nervous system’s capability to function normally.  When the spine is placed back into their proper position, the nervous system can resume to its optimum function thus allowing the body to heal on its own.

When Is The Right Time To Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Why fix when it is not broken, and why replace when it is still working? Most of us have this notion. Why should I replace my air conditioning unit when it is still working? Maybe you have the same belief as I do, but when it comes to air conditioning, sometimes you have to let go even it is still working. With the kind of economy we have, replacing your old air conditioner is a huge decision since new air conditioning unit can cost you few thousand dollars. However, a new AC can be a great investment as the price of air conditioner services perth can also be costly as well as the operational costs of old AC is much higher than the new model air conditioners.

So, when is the right time to replace your air conditioning unit? Here are the 6 signs that indicate that you need to replace your old AC with a better and more efficient new model.

  1. Your AC is more than 10 years old.

Commonly, a well-maintained air conditioner can last for about 15 years or more. However, AC units that are older than 10 years old would often require repairs. AC repairs are costly, that is why it is more advisable to replace it than to keep it.

  1. Frequent breakdowns.

If your AC unit requires more visits from the air conditioning repairs in Perth than necessary, then it is advisable to replace it with the new and more efficient air conditioning unit.  The cost incurred for repeated repairs can add up quick, and it is not wise to keep your old unit. You can save yourself from stress and money by investing in a new AC unit.

  1. Your AC is still using R22 refrigerant.

Commonly we refer R22 as Freon and it contains hydro-chlorofluorocarbon which is harmful to the environment because it contributes to the depletion of ozone layer. The government is also regulating the use of Freon, which causes its price to increase. If you are still using air conditioning unit with R22 refrigerant it is time switch to a new model that uses R410A refrigerant. It is environment-friendly and more efficient.

  1. Your AC has SEER rating below 13.

Air conditioner with lower AC consumes more than electricity than those who have higher SEER rating. The new AC models have at least 13 SEER rating. AC that has SEER rating of 13 and higher are more efficient in cooling you home while consuming less energy.

  1. Your AC is not efficient in cooling your home.

The main function of an air conditioning unit is to keep your home cool, especially during summer. If your air conditioner does not cool your home or have a hard time cooling your home, it is a sign that you need to replace your AC. What is the point of keeping the air conditioner if it cannot serve it functions?

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