Choosing Best Epoxy Coating for Garage Floors

Epoxy coating is one of the top choices when it come garage flooring. Epoxy coating does not only gives the garage floor a pro look but it is also resistant to water stains, oil stains and can be cleaned easily by just wiping like a kitchen counter. You can also play with color and design with the epoxy coating which can hide the ugly imperfection of the concrete floor of your garage. The anti skid additive in epoxy coating can give you the extra grip you need especially during snowy days.

Choosing what type of epoxy coating to use in your best for garage floors and would fit your budget is not an easy task. With numerous epoxy products, commercial contractors and manufacturers to select from, it could be both overwhelming and challenging especially if don’t know what exactly do want and how do you want it. The best way handle this task is to know the different kinds of epoxy products. Know its pros and cons so that you can decide which will fit best in your garage. With this as a guide you may decide if you to buy and apply the epoxy coating by yourself or hire a contractor and use their own product.

Waterborne Epoxy Paint

The Waterborne Epoxy Paint is a water based epoxy that is relatively easy to put on and longer pot life. Among the epoxy types, waterborne epoxy paint is the most favourite among Do-It-Yourself fanatics due to its ease in application. It is as simple to apply as a regular paint maybe that is the reason why it is marketed as epoxy paint. It is also one of the of the cheapest epoxy coating. However, waterborne epoxy paint is also the least durable epoxy coating. It has weak resistance to chemicals and stains is vulnerable to hot tile lift.

High Solids Epoxy

The high solids epoxy is a commercial grade epoxy material. It has a very strong resistance to abrasion, chemical and stains. As the name implies, it has high solids content with the best being 100 percent solids epoxy. The 100 percent solid epoxy much thicker than the water base, actually a one coat of high solids epoxy is much tougher than the double coats of the typical water-based epoxy. It is also excellent color base coat and available in many colors and design.

While being tough and affordable, high solids epoxy coating hard to apply. If you are planning to DIY your garage floor you will have a hard time with it. Its pot life is much shorter than the water-based one, you need to apply the epoxy within 30 to 40 mins after mixing, or else it will solidify.

Clear Epoxy or Polyurethane Top Coats

Clear epoxy or top coats is added to a 100% solid epoxy to improve its thickness and durability. It will also give garage floor that amazing deep gloss and shine. With a topcoat, you have a choice of incorporating paint chips to your base coat to give your garage floor some texture and will increase the durability and thickness at the same time create an anti-slip surface. And of course, with so many color chips available in the market you can play with colors and design according to your aesthetic taste.

Premium Multi-Coat Epoxy System

The Premium Multi-Coat Epoxy System is consists of a primer coat, 100 percent of solid epoxy, acrylic colored paint chips and topcoat of clear epoxy. This is the best among epoxy product but also the most expensive but this floor system can last up to 20 year or more give you the value of your hard-earned dollars.

In choosing epoxy coating for your garage floors you to consider the quality, durability as well as the price of the product.


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