Building Eco-Friendly Granny Flat Without Hurting Your Pocket

We are living in an era we are mostly exposed to the man-made chemicals that are not only harmful to our health but also harmful to Mother Nature. Some of these man-made chemical are extremely harmful, others may be less damaging but all in all those chemicals can be detrimental to ecosystem and health especially to the older ones because of their weakened immune system.

Nowadays, large amount of chemicals are used in building a home even a tiny granny flats requires a great deal of chemicals. For instance, the paint and the finish in your wood furniture contain a lot of VOC’s or the volatile organic compound. These VOCs emits harmful vapour at high temperature.  If you are living in Perth, Australia wherein summer can be really hot, formaldehydes evaporate from the paintworks in your home. That means that when temperature is high you will be breathing formaldehydes and other harmful chemicals, and this could not be good to old people who already health problems.

The common conception is that, an eco-friendly home is expensive. Normally, we equate eco-friendly home to things like solar passive and energy efficiency. I will be lying if I tell you that some of these eco-friendly products are not expensive because they are expensive. But you can get away from expensive and go with the alternatives starting with a good design that is efficient in using natures’ inherent power.

Design is the most crucial thing to consider when you plan to build an eco-friendly granny flat. During the design process make sure that home is orientated correctly because if not you will be using more energy in lighting, cooling and heating. An eco-friendly home is an energy efficient home that uses minimal energy. To do so, energy efficient home uses the natural power from nature to provide the warmth during winter and cool breeze during summer. It also taps the resources from nature for the little electricity it needed to run.

The key in building an eco-friendly and budget-friendly granny flat is in the design. If you are planning to build a granny flat in Perth ask your contractor to design a home that requires minimal energy to run.


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