4 Crucial Steps in Choosing Serviced Office

Serviced offices industry is growing rapidly across the world. In Australia, the serviced office industry has increase by 60%. The appeal of serviced office is too good to be ignored especially for small and startup companies that are trying the save money on their initial investments. There are serviced offices in the all major cities in Australia. The serviced offices in Welshpool are usually located in the center of the business district where the “action” happens. The phenomenal rise of serviced offices is not just in Australia, it appears to be global. There is a steady rise of serviced offices in London, New York, India, Philippines, and South Africa.

When you’re looking for a serviced office, do your homework before committing. Before deciding which among the numerous serviced offices in Welshpool to rent, consider these four crucial steps in choosing serviced office.

  1. Consider the location

Choose a location that would cater best to your clients and employees need. The location should consider must depend on the nature of your business. If your business doesn’t require being in the middle of the thriving business, you opt to rent a serviced office outside the business area where the rent is significantly lower. Ideally, you should consider a serviced office located in the area where businesses are thriving. A prestigious office location can attract not only clients but talents as well. The major factor that should consider is the accessibility of the place. Other factors to consider are safety, the charm of the neigborhood, and parking space availability for your clients and employees.

  1. Consider the office space

Another factor you should consider in choosing a serviced office is the space of the actual office. In a serviced office you will be sharing the lounge, reception area, conference room, and other areas with other renters. However, your actual office is all yours to occupy. Most of the serviced office in Welshpool offers different office size chooses one that is suited to your business needs. The rent is usually based on the square footage you occupy. Ask for a tour of the entire office, to make sure that the building and office spaces are suitable for the needs of your business and would provide the possibilities for your business, clients and employees needs to succeed.

  1. Consider the office furnishing and equipments

Being fully equip and ready to occupy is the best feature of services offices. All you need is your laptop (some even provide desktop computers) and you’re good to go. Most of serviced offices provide office furnishing and office equipments. Before you sign the contract for rent, have it included in the contract what office furnishing and office equipment serviced office provider provides. How much it will cost you and what is responsibility regarding the maintenance of the furnishing and office equipment.

  1. Compare the benefits

If you are to choose a serviced office, it is advisable to look at least 3 serviced office provider for comparison. Ask what benefits and features they could provide to you. It is always good idea to compare the benefits and advantages the competing serviced offices can provide before you fully commit into one.


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