Five Secrets in the Art of Corporate Gift Giving

Its holiday season and it is the time business owners shell out some dollars to give gifts to their employees, their client and prospective clients. Gift giving may be seen as expenses but in the long run, expenses use for gift giving should be viewed as an investment. Giving a gift to your employee, clients and prospective client is a necessary investment in building a relationship with clients and investment in making motivated and happy employees. Gift giving can help in establishing a strong client and employee relationship which promotes loyalty to your company. Here are the five secrets in the art of corporate gift giving:

  1. Customize your gift

Customizing gift for each of your valued client can be laborious but your client will appreciate your gift more if you put thought into it. Personalized gift is more memorable than the generic gifts commonly given by business to its clients.

  1. Add element of surprise

Giving gift to a bookkeeping firm in Balcatta during holiday season is a thoughtful gesture but most likely the will also receive gifts from other companies they work with. But when you give gift on the time they don’t expect it, such as Valentine’s Day, they will most likely remember and appreciate your gift.

  1. Prefer quality

The quality of the gift you give reflects the image your company. If you want to project a trustworthy and reliable image, you should avoid giving lower quality gift because it can damage the image of your business. Choose a product with high quality without breaking out your damaging your budget.

  1. Spend on packaging

They might say that, it is the content that counts but getting your gift a good packaging will surely create a good impression.  Spend the money and time on the packaging of your gift to exhibit the value you put on client relationships. But if you don’t have the skill, talent or time for gift-wrapping use the gift-wrapping services available in shopping malls and retailers.

  1. Know rules on tax deductions for gifts

Business gifts in Australia can be tax deductible, ask your accountant about the possible tax deduction when you give gifts.

Giving corporate gifts is a great opportunity to build strong ties and relationship with your clients and employees. If you have a problem in tracking your expenditures during the holiday season, you can hire the services of bookkeeping in Balcatta make your gift buying more fun and less stressful.


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