When Should You Go To A Chiropractor?

Eighty percent (80%) of population all over the world suffers from vertebrogenic disorders at one point in the life. The vertebrogenic disorders are conditions of the body that usually caused spinal faults. People who have vertebrogenic disorders often feel pain and discomfort in the back, neck, and hips. The manifestation of vertebrogenic disorders often includes migraine, tension headaches, dizziness, pain the arms and shoulders, neuralgia, pain the abdomen and chest, sciatica or pain in the legs, hips, and knees and legs, disc disorders, problems with menstrual cycles for women and digestive disorders. Some of these conditions don’t seem to be related to spine and nerve, but all parts of our body can be directly or indirectly affected when we have spinal disorders.

When should go to chiropractor?

Your need to see a chiropractor basically starts at pregnancy. Pregnant women need to have their body working at 100% to ensure the development of the baby is not hindered. For adults, here are some indicators that you need to see chiropractors in Samson:

  1. Are you experiencing lower back pain?
  2. Do you have tension headaches that keep on recurring or never seem to go away?
  3. Did you suffer injury from a car accident or at work and are having trouble dealing with the pain?
  4. Are you experiencing shooting pains and stiff joints after playing an active sport?
  5. Are you pregnant and experiencing back pains?
  6. Are a senior and have problem with muscle and joint pains that won’t go away?
  7. Are you concerned with your overall health?

If you answered yes to any of the aforementioned questions, then it is time you should visit a chiropractor in Samson.

Pain is your body’s natural way of telling you that “something is wrong:” Pain actually is the result of your body dealing with tissue breakdown or damage, infection and poisons. Chiropractic in Samson can help in alleviating pain and maintain your overall health by enhancing the body’s ability deal with injuries and resist disease.


Who Needs Chiropractic Care?

Our body is the most amazing machine. Every day our body performs numerous functions that no machine ever invented can perform. We speak an average of 48,000 words, our heart beats around 103,000 times, our blood travels 16,800 miles, we move 750 major muscles and those are just few of the functions our body perform every single day. Just like all kinds of machinery, needs to be tuned-up to keep it running smoothly. The chiropractic care can help you ensure that your spine which protects our body central nervous system is getting care it needed.

Chiropractic medicine is an alternative form of health care that is mostly deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the musculoskeletal system, most specifically the spine. Chiropractic do not perform surgery or use drugs but rather does spinal adjustment that corrects the misalignment allowing the normal nerves transmission to make your body heal quickly on its own.

Who needs chiropractic care?

Most people think that chiropractic care is only applicable for patient with bad backs. That is wrong perception about chiropractic. Anybody who wants to have a healthy body needs chiropractic care. Our spine is responsible for many body functions such as movement, support, protection and control. Our spine is responsible for our body movement and any changes in the structure or function of the spine may have adverse effect to movement.

Spine is also responsible for the supporting our head. The spine is also responsible for protecting our central nervous system which controls the function of every single cell, tissue and organ in our body. Having healthy spine is very crucial in having a healthy body. A problem in spine may cause serious ailment if not treated accordingly.

Chiropractor Hilton can help locating vertebral subluxations or misalignments in the vertebrae. The vertebral subluxations can cause several other ailments as it affects the nervous system’s capability to function normally.  When the spine is placed back into their proper position, the nervous system can resume to its optimum function thus allowing the body to heal on its own.