2 Landscaping Ideas for Your Backyard Sanctuary

Most of the time, we only give attention to the front yard of our property and that is understandable because the front yard is we show to the world. It is the first thing our guests and passers-by notice that is why it is important that it is neat and attractive. However, it is also important that we give our backyard due care. A well-designed backyard can be our sanctuary that would allow you and your loved ones to relax and de-stress after a long day. A neat and comfortable backyard can be your safe haven, a sanctuary away from the busy hassles of daily life. Landscapers in Perth can help transform your messy backyard into a relaxing place it ought to be.

Here are 2 best landscaping ideas for your backyard sanctuary:

The Natural Sanctuary

If you love the peaceful vibe of nature, you can convert your backyard into a natural sanctuary. In creating a natural sanctuary it is best to use materials that are natural. Planting native flowers, trees, shrubs, grass, ornamental and edible plants are a great addition to make you background a natural sanctuary. Natural stones such as limestone pavers, slate fountains, wood fences, wood furniture, and birdbaths are also awesome for a nature-inspired backyard. A backyard with a natural vibe is great for relaxing and entertaining guests.

The Birds Paradise

There is something relaxing and therapeutic for bird watching. The sounds and hum of birds are soothing to senses. Having a backyard that would serve as a sanctuary for birds could just be a natural extension of a natural sanctuary you are building. If you want to have a backyard that is paradise for birds, all you have to do is include decorative and functional fixtures in your backyard that can attract birds.

These decorative and natural items may include bird feeders, flowers, trees, plants, and bushes. Installing an exquisite bird bath can invite the birds to drink and bath. The bird’s paradise backyard is great for our mother nature and a very relaxing haven for bird lovers. A hammock could be a great addition where you can relax and enjoy the lazy hum of nature while waiting for those rare birds to make an appearance in your backyard.

There are many garden designs in Perth which you can incorporate into your backyard landscape to make it relaxing and comfortable. Identify what you find relaxing and comfortable. From there you can play with landscaping ideas that could both look great and relaxing.


Choosing Right Limestone Paver For Your Home

Limestone paver is a right choice if you want your home to have a timeless elegant appeal. It is a durable natural stone that can withstand the harsh test of time. Just look at the pyramid of Egypt and Lincoln Memorial, those two famous structures are made of limestone and they have been around for hundreds of years. If you are considering material for your outdoor landscape, limestone paving is your best choice.

Aside from being durable, limestone is a beautiful stone. Unlike other natural stone that comes with a limited assortment of colors, limestone paver comes in various colors and shades. Most likely, there is a limestone color available that would suit your need and taste. It comes in wide variety of pastel shades, from grays to tans to various shades of blue. You can also have it in black. There are also different shades of browns and yellows due to its high iron oxide contents. Because it comes in so many colors and shade, each limestone paver is unique.

Here are some variety of limestone colors and shades commonly available in the market.

  • Black, charcoal black
  • White, beige, cream, pewter
  • Gold, sandy, straw
  • Orange, copper, rusty, peach, terracotta
  • Brown, light brown, tan, cinnamon, coffee
  • Red, burgundy, raspberry, plum
  • Pink, rose, pastel pink
  • Different shades of gray (not all 50 shades though)
  • Blue-gray (commonly known as Blue Kota)

When choosing a right color of limestone paver to beautify your home, I recommend that you look at the actual sample rather than just looking at the digital image in the computer because the digital image is not always 100% accurate. Using limestone in your home is ideal if you want to have a rustic and natural ambiance.

For those who are not familiar with limestone, they are quite different from granite or processed tiles. Since they natural stone, the variance in color is not the same as the next. Each piece of the paver will probably have different shades and have different streaking, veining, and speckling from the rest of the pieces. If you are aiming for a natural look, then limestone paver will be your best pick.

Tips in Laying Limestone Retaining Wall

Using limestone for retaining wall does not serve as a fort for the sloping soil in your property but it also adds aesthetic appeal to your outdoor landscape. To get the full advantage of the functionality and beauty of a limestone it should be laid properly. Laying limestone retaining walls in Perth is not as easy as you thought it could be. It requires skills, knowledge and, of course brawn to do the task properly. However, if you think you have the skill to build the limestone retaining wall on your own, let me help you with these tips.

Consider the soil.

Before you start building your limestone retaining wall, you must check the type of soil you have. In building a limestone retaining wall you have to ensure that it has a proper foundation since there are areas in Perth locality that have loose soil which is not suitable to lay retaining wall without strong foundation. If you are not sure of the soil in your property it is advisable to have it checked by a local soil engineer to make sure if it can hold up the weight of a limestone retaining wall.

Seek approval from local council, if necessary.

Every shire in Perth has different building regulations. In most cases, limestone walls in Perth that are not above 500 mm do not need approval from local council. However, retaining that has a height above 500 mm must seek approval from the local council. If you don’t like dealing with bureaucracy make sure that your retaining wall does not exceed to prescribe retaining wall height.

Level the soil.

If you are sure that the soil in your property is suitable for building limestone walls, the next step would be the digging of a trench where you will be laying the foundation. You may use a spirit level to make sure the soil is well-levelled.

Make sure that the first level of blocks is inside the trench.

Ideally, the first level of limestone block must be placed on the trench, below the ground level. This way you can ensure that your retaining wall has a good foundation.

Ensure that there is proper irrigation.

It is important that you should direct the water away from the wall or avoid the water from clogging the in wall area. This can be done by installing a proper irrigation such as drainage blankets and drainpipes. You can also install weep holes to allow the water flow through the wall. Installing proper irrigation will ensure that pressure from water does not end up damaging your retaining wall.

How to Take Care of Your Split Air Conditioner?

Just like any of your home appliances your split air conditioner needs tender loving care to serve you long. If you know how to take good care of your AC it can serve you and your family for 10 to 20 years or more so in some cases. To keep your split type air conditioner running smoothly you need to do a regular maintenance. Your trustworthy air conditioner keeps you cool and comfy all summer long. It is just fitting to give them care they deserve. Here’s how you should take care your split type air conditioning in Perth.


  1. Keep the AC filter clean.

The filter is one of the most vital parts of any air conditioning unit. It is mostly exposed to dust and pollution that is why it is important to keep it clean. If your air conditioner is installed in a location where dust and pollution are abundant, it is advised that you should change your filter every two months. For a place with minimal dust and pollutants, your AC filter may last for about 6 months. Keeping your filter clean can keep your AC running smooth, and definitely decrease your repair and maintenance costs.

  1. Clean the compressor regularly

You AC’s compressor is responsible for producing cool air.  The most excellent way care for the air conditioner’s compressor is to have it cleaned regularly. If don’t have experience in cleaning compressor it is best to hire services of air conditioning repairs Perth. It is also advised to use lubricants specifically made for air conditioners.

  1. Replace evaporator coil

The role of the evaporator coil is to absorb the heat so that only cool air will pass through the AC filter. If the evaporator coil of your AC is not working properly you should not expect your AC to produce cool air. It is advised to change the evaporator coil of your AC from time to time to improve the circulation and air flow.

  1. Regular maintenance

Even your split AC is working properly, it is still advised that you should have it checked by a professional air conditioning repair technician to ensure that it is indeed working good. Regular maintenance will reduce the cost of repairs, and avoid bigger problems.

Why You Should Include Radon Testing During House Inspection?

Before buying a new home or a property it is important that you have it inspected by a qualified Perth building inspectors to make that the house or the property you are about to buy is in a good condition or worth its asking price and in compliance with the building code requirement in Perth. Basically, a standard building inspection would only cover the inspection on structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC system and grounds. A standard building inspection does not cover the radon testing.

But why you should include radon testing during property building inspection? Before I answer that question let’s have a quick discussion about radon gas. Radon is a radioactive gas that comes from the breakdown of uranium in rock, soil and water. Radon is invisible, tasteless and odourless that cannot be detected by our sense alone. Radon invades our home and building undetected through the cracks and opening that are in contact with the ground. Prolonged exposure to indoor air that has a high level of radon concentration will increase your risk in developing lung cancer. In US, radon exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer, next to smoking, resulting approximately 22,000 deaths every year.

Radon is not exclusive in the US. Radon is natural gas that is present all over the world including Australia. That is why whenever you buy a new home or property it is important to include radon testing during home inspection. Radon testing is inexpensive and easily done, the building inspector may charge you extra for this test but it will be all worth it.  If the result of the radon test will reveal that there is an unacceptable level of radon (over 4 pCi/L) found the property, it would be a good idea to ask the agent/seller who will shoulder the expenses for radon mitigation.

Radon mitigation is the system or steps made to reduce the level of radon in an indoor air. Radon mitigation requires technical knowledge and skills, and can only be done a certified radon measurement and mitigation services. It could be costly depending on the size and design of the building as well as the soil composition. Of course, you can use this argument to ask for lower the price if you will be one who will shoulder the cost of radon mitigation process.

On the question why you should include radon testing during house inspection? You should include the radon testing during house inspection to safeguard yourself and loved ones from getting lung cancer due to radon gas exposure.

Building Eco-Friendly Granny Flat Without Hurting Your Pocket

We are living in an era we are mostly exposed to the man-made chemicals that are not only harmful to our health but also harmful to Mother Nature. Some of these man-made chemical are extremely harmful, others may be less damaging but all in all those chemicals can be detrimental to ecosystem and health especially to the older ones because of their weakened immune system.

Nowadays, large amount of chemicals are used in building a home even a tiny granny flats requires a great deal of chemicals. For instance, the paint and the finish in your wood furniture contain a lot of VOC’s or the volatile organic compound. These VOCs emits harmful vapour at high temperature.  If you are living in Perth, Australia wherein summer can be really hot, formaldehydes evaporate from the paintworks in your home. That means that when temperature is high you will be breathing formaldehydes and other harmful chemicals, and this could not be good to old people who already health problems.

The common conception is that, an eco-friendly home is expensive. Normally, we equate eco-friendly home to things like solar passive and energy efficiency. I will be lying if I tell you that some of these eco-friendly products are not expensive because they are expensive. But you can get away from expensive and go with the alternatives starting with a good design that is efficient in using natures’ inherent power.

Design is the most crucial thing to consider when you plan to build an eco-friendly granny flat. During the design process make sure that home is orientated correctly because if not you will be using more energy in lighting, cooling and heating. An eco-friendly home is an energy efficient home that uses minimal energy. To do so, energy efficient home uses the natural power from nature to provide the warmth during winter and cool breeze during summer. It also taps the resources from nature for the little electricity it needed to run.

The key in building an eco-friendly and budget-friendly granny flat is in the design. If you are planning to build a granny flat in Perth ask your contractor to design a home that requires minimal energy to run.

Choosing Best Epoxy Coating for Garage Floors

Epoxy coating is one of the top choices when it come garage flooring. Epoxy coating does not only gives the garage floor a pro look but it is also resistant to water stains, oil stains and can be cleaned easily by just wiping like a kitchen counter. You can also play with color and design with the epoxy coating which can hide the ugly imperfection of the concrete floor of your garage. The anti skid additive in epoxy coating can give you the extra grip you need especially during snowy days.

Choosing what type of epoxy coating to use in your best for garage floors and would fit your budget is not an easy task. With numerous epoxy products, commercial contractors and manufacturers to select from, it could be both overwhelming and challenging especially if don’t know what exactly do want and how do you want it. The best way handle this task is to know the different kinds of epoxy products. Know its pros and cons so that you can decide which will fit best in your garage. With this as a guide you may decide if you to buy and apply the epoxy coating by yourself or hire a contractor and use their own product.

Waterborne Epoxy Paint

The Waterborne Epoxy Paint is a water based epoxy that is relatively easy to put on and longer pot life. Among the epoxy types, waterborne epoxy paint is the most favourite among Do-It-Yourself fanatics due to its ease in application. It is as simple to apply as a regular paint maybe that is the reason why it is marketed as epoxy paint. It is also one of the of the cheapest epoxy coating. However, waterborne epoxy paint is also the least durable epoxy coating. It has weak resistance to chemicals and stains is vulnerable to hot tile lift.

High Solids Epoxy

The high solids epoxy is a commercial grade epoxy material. It has a very strong resistance to abrasion, chemical and stains. As the name implies, it has high solids content with the best being 100 percent solids epoxy. The 100 percent solid epoxy much thicker than the water base, actually a one coat of high solids epoxy is much tougher than the double coats of the typical water-based epoxy. It is also excellent color base coat and available in many colors and design.

While being tough and affordable, high solids epoxy coating hard to apply. If you are planning to DIY your garage floor you will have a hard time with it. Its pot life is much shorter than the water-based one, you need to apply the epoxy within 30 to 40 mins after mixing, or else it will solidify.

Clear Epoxy or Polyurethane Top Coats

Clear epoxy or top coats is added to a 100% solid epoxy to improve its thickness and durability. It will also give garage floor that amazing deep gloss and shine. With a topcoat, you have a choice of incorporating paint chips to your base coat to give your garage floor some texture and will increase the durability and thickness at the same time create an anti-slip surface. And of course, with so many color chips available in the market you can play with colors and design according to your aesthetic taste.

Premium Multi-Coat Epoxy System

The Premium Multi-Coat Epoxy System is consists of a primer coat, 100 percent of solid epoxy, acrylic colored paint chips and topcoat of clear epoxy. This is the best among epoxy product but also the most expensive but this floor system can last up to 20 year or more give you the value of your hard-earned dollars.

In choosing epoxy coating for your garage floors you to consider the quality, durability as well as the price of the product.